Cuni Residence

Energy efficient passive design was the aspiration for this house in both performance and architecture from the very beginning. A well-insulated, tightly sealed building envelope and passive solar design deliver on this goal. The passive solar design and natural daylighting is revealed in the architecture and state of the art energy efficient features are prevalent throughout.

To take advantage of the excellent solar exposure on this lot, all living and bedroom spaces are located on the south side of the building. Service uses such as the kitchen, bathrooms and mechanical spaces are located on the north side to serve as a buffer form the colder north winds. The plan is elongated along the east-West axis to provide more glazing area and less depth, which also assists with natural ventilation for cooling. Upstairs living takes advantage of the extensive mountain views.

Structurally insulated panel (SIP) construction is used for the walls and roof, providing superior insulation. An insulated concrete slab and an upper floor concrete topping provide thermal mass to store heat and regulate the internal temperature. Expert detailing was used throughout to prevent air infiltration and loss of heat. Ventilation is provided by an Energy recovery Ventilator (ERV) as well as natural ventilation when conditions allow. Passive House certification is pending.