Completed Projects

Our design process brings together the built environment and the natural environment, creating beautiful and exciting spaces that make the most of natural resources, blend aesthetically with the natural beauty of our area, and maximize client budgets and operating expenses.

SUP Tahoe

Two outdoor recreation businesses took over the building and eventually two apartments will be finished on the upper floor. The front of the building was opened up to the street to create a better connection between inside and outside.VIEW

Rypins-Risdon Residence

The primary aesthetic of this home is the solar component. The passive solar design, hydronic solar panels and trombe walls create an architecture that reveals the solar properties of the design at first glance.VIEW

Knotts Residence

This house retains the basic Tahoe Cabin form with an updated consciousness and awareness.VIEW

Cuni Residence

Energy efficient passive design was the aspiration for this house in both performance and architecture from the very beginning.VIEW

Monaghan-O’Rourke Residence

The Monaghan-O’Rourke home is modern mountain architecture with an environmental flourish. It was designed in the style of the new cabin architecture and built with sustainability at its core.VIEW

Abbott Residence

The structure is a simple box that is broken at the Living Room by a taller element that collects sunlight and defines the space.VIEW

Highland Retail Suites

The tired old Highland Inn was transformed into an exciting gathering space consisting of a restaurant, bar and art gallery. The crumbling and dated façade were updated to reflect the new use of the spaces. VIEW

Globin Building

In conjunction with a neighborhood beautification project the owner of this building made improvements to the look and functionality of this historic building.VIEW