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Award Winning Design

We’ve been featured as an award winner in the March 2024 issue of Tahoe Quarterly.

Tahoe Quarterly 2024 award winner for sustainable construction

inspirational buildings & sustainable homes

David Goldman Environmental Architecture is a small architecture firm focused on residential and commercial design in the Lake Tahoe-Reno area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. Our design process brings together the built environment and the natural environment, creating beautiful and exciting spaces that make the most of natural resources, blend aesthetically with the natural beauty of our area, and maximize client budgets and operating expenses.

Founder David Goldman brings more than 25 years of experience in award-winning residential and commercial design in the Tahoe and Bay Area—most of it focused on sustainable design—to your project. You can expect individual attention and personalized service, resulting in designs that are as energy efficient, healthy, and environmentally sensitive as you desire.

Residential Design


Residential architecture is often the laboratory for progress and inno­vation in the built environment. The scale and individual user require­ments allow for an exceptional oppor­tunity for exploration of ideas and concepts related to Archi­tecture in general. At David Goldman Environmental Archi­tecture we explore the relationship between architectural form and environ­mental design.

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Commercial Design

Commercial archi­tectural projects have many design para­meters that need to be satisfied. Building codes, planning guide­lines, building use, budget and environ­mental concerns are just some of the issues that shape the design of the project. While some see these as res­traints, at David Goldman Environ­mental Archi­tecture we see these as design cri­teria that lead us to a practical and aesthetic design.

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Design Philosophy


Progressive Environ­mental Design Solutions go beyond “Green Build­ing” to create “Green Archi­tecture”. The challenges of conserving energy and re­sources while providing a healthy environ­ment should not be seen as restraints, but as oppor­tunities to create archi­tecture that ex­presses the solutions. After all, design is creative problem solving.

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